Server Rules


Server Owner
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You can find these rules in game by pressing pausebreak, Or by pressing escape and clicking Server info/Rules.
No duping/Cheating/Exploiting/Glitching
#2. No stealing in safezones (Only Items dropped on ground are fair game)
#3. No trolling in safezones
#4. No camping safezones
#5. No building in/overlooking high mili areas/Airfields
#6. No building 1km from Traders/Airfields.
#7. Bases may not block acess to high loot areas/Roads/Wells
#8. No base grief. Grief = Mass tent place/walling off doors etc.
Placing objects to jump walls is ok, As long as the objects are able to be removed.
Note - Bases breaking these rules may be deleted
#9. No glitching into bases
#10. Keep global chat clean, Trash talking is okay just don't go too far.
#11. Stream sniping will result in a permanent ban.
Note - Associating with Cheaters/Glitchers will get you banned