FAQ - How to join - Common issues


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Need help joining? Heres the basics
Install DZSA Launcher

When you see our server click the play button, This will automatically download the mods for you.
If your mods stop downloading you can go back and click play again which will queue the downloads again.

Mod update won't download
Close dayz launcher and check to see if steam started downloading.
Once finished you may relaunch dayz launcher.

Having trouble with a certain mod?
If you have a mod thats downloaded and still giving you issues try repairing it.
You can do this by opening DZSA Launcher and clicking the refresh button to the right of the mod.
Another option is opening the vanilla dayz launcher and under the mods tab right click the mod and select repair.
If none of the above help to repair your mod it may be best to fully delete the mod and reinstall it completely.

Still having issues or know a common issue we missed? Don't be afraid to ask in discord or on here!