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    Server mod updates

    Removed fishing 1.06 is coming soon and reintroduces fishing. Added universal suppressor This should fit on just about every weapon. Added Realtree upgraded vest

    BaseBuildingPlus_Test mod added

    BaseBuildingPlus_Test mod added This mod is currently in a testing state, We have no control over future updates so use these items at your own risk. These items are in the shops under 1Step build items category. They require no supplies to upgrade, only a hammer is needed. Snapping works great...

    11/6/19 updates

    • Unfortunately the newest version of munghards conflicted with other mods so we were forced to remove the mod. • The winter trial run is over, It will return for the month of December. • Spawn points were pushed further away from NWAF to give players time to loot bodies. • Temporarily reverted...

    High value trader updates

    High value trader updates HVT Has moved to a new military compound in Vybor industrial. High powered rifles have moved from regular traders to hvt. This area is very dangerous, 1 way in 1 way out. No safezone and guarded by a zombie horde. If you do manage to make it through hvt without...

    FAQ - How to join - Common issues

    Need help joining? Heres the basics Install DZSA Launcher Filter DAWN OF THE DEAD or When you see our server click the play button, This will automatically download the mods for you. If your mods stop downloading you can go back and click...

    10/26/19 Updates

    Mod added - Repair My Car Mod added - PsychoDayZ Chevrolet_Tahoe_08 Mod added - Atv_mung Mod added - Mass'sManyItemOverhaul Mod added - Winter_Chernarus (Temporary) Mod removed - DMNS Weapons -Heatpacks added to all spawn loadouts

    Site moved

    We've changed the site over to a better platform, Unfortunately this means a fresh start for the site. You'll need to create you account again. The new site has a better support ticket system which will be the way we handle compensation requests/In game issues on a first come first server basis...

    Server Rules

    You can find these rules in game by pressing pausebreak, Or by pressing escape and clicking Server info/Rules. #1. No duping/Cheating/Exploiting/Glitching #2. No stealing in safezones (Only Items dropped on ground are fair game) #3. No trolling in safezones #4. No camping safezones #5. No...

    Staff policy

    To avoid any chances of admin abuse we have a strict policy that admins must follow. As a staff member above Moderator you're no longer allowed to play using the account with access to admin tools. If you create an alt account you must state so in the admin discord chat. Failure to do so will...