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First time joining? Heres how to join.

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Trouble joining? This may help.

There are 2 methods you can use to join the server, Though we highly suggest you use the 2nd method.

Method 1:

Download all of the mods via Steam Collection

Click "Subscribe to all"

Launch dayz by clicking play/Run dayz launcher


This will open the Dayz launcher.

Click the MODS tab and enable all of the mods you downloaded from the collection.

Click play/join the server.

Using this method you will have to keep up with adding/removing/changing mods that update on the server

which requires unnecessary hassle, We suggest you use method 2 because of this.


Method 2:

Download DZSAL Launcher

Search for the server by filtering DAWN OF THE DEAD

Click play.

The launcher will download all of the mods you need for you, Any updates/mod changes done to the server will automatically update for you every time you join.


Having a mod issue?

If you are having an issue with your mods, on DZSAL Launcher / Settings there will be a button down bottom to verify all of your mods.

If one of your mods has corrupted this should be the fix for you.

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