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  1. That right there would be pretty sick Drum! Some people might actually get freaked out about it lol.
  2. Hello! I cannot wait for this bar to open! 😈
  3. R0uLleTte


    Hello, i am R0uLleTte! I have been gaming PC for over 15+ years. Playing anywhere from CS 1.2 to CSGO, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, AAPG, A2 Dayz, Dayz Standalone and many more games. Feel free to add me on Steam: R0uLleTte. Mainly play Dayz Standalone now and i am part of the NCR club! Hope i get to meet everyone in game and say hello! Game On!
  4. Hey killjoy, I know the helmet is in in green color, could we get one in all black with NCR logo on the back in yellow letters or green letters?
  5. R0uLleTte


    I have the NZR, Gadsden and DOTD lighters.
  6. Can we get a helmet in green/yellow kind of like the nzr lighter but ncr new chernarus rebpublic. i have a image to make it easier. idc what helmet but would be cool if it supported nvg. https://gyazo.com/b3b12fece7082463ca6a9aed7a4926b7
  7. Any person looking to kill and enemy or just someone they do not like? Do not wait anymore, I am here to fix your problems. Get ahold of me and we can talk about the price and the person that needs to be taken care of.
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