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  1. thanks for the complements on the base I am building by the staff of dawn of the dead ... not done with this base by far all items used in the construction of this base was all stuff I found in your great server again thank you
  2. -TuRoP-


    sounds great
  3. would cut down trees for players or lend a hand ..all base locations would be confidential.. would come in a clear out trees need for base building.. would drees in none combatant clothing would where the safety vest to should neutral player Cost for service.. $150.00./food /drink.. Once I gather tools and trucks hope to hire on a few good works..
  4. -TuRoP-


    I would of invited them in for coffee🤪
  5. -TuRoP-


    he shot at me wit the wrong gun ..he was downed from 700m wit the exhaust vssk
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