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Here you can get support from the community, If you have a private question, Or need something answered immediately use the support tab at the top of the page to create a ticket.


  1. Questions

    Have a question? Somebody here may have the answer for you.

  2. Troubleshooting

    Having issues with mods etc? We may be able to help set you up, Please try to provide as much information as possible.

  3. Suggestions

    Have a suggestion Or a mod you'd like to see added to the server? This is the place for you to let us know your ideas or discuss others ideas.

  4. Clothing Mod Suggestions

    We have custom clothing in our server mod, If you'd like to see a custom design let us know here and we may add it.

    Only post requests on vanilla clothing, Retextures only please.

  5. Guides

    Know a good method to make ends meet? Or a perfect strategy for survival? Let others know here!

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  6. Reports

    Witness someone breaking in game rules? Let us know here.

    If you are here to submit a hack report on a player please use the ticket system or discord instead. To submit a ticket click Support at the top of the page.

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  7. Ban appeals

    Apply for your ban to be appealed here, Please provide as much information as possible. If you have private information you would like to go directly to the owners please submit a ticket by using the support tab at the top of the page.

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