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    Am I missing something then? Scissors being single use just makes it tedious. I'm sure some people use it but I've been there multiple times and haven't seen a soul. But alright I'll just throw my barrel full'o'weed in a field.


    Weed is more of an end game operation, Requires a big grow site to pull profit. There are a few farms in the server currently which pull 150-200k per grow, which is every restart. Most common use for HVT would be selling stickers/lighters, Lighters sell for 5-15k each, Stickers sell for 800-1100. Lighters spawn on military airdrops, Stickers spawn on every airdrop type.
  4. Rain is back. This may be temporary depending on how players like it. Replaced no shoe damage mod for no shoe/glove damage, Slide ladders with ease now. New Ford bronco vehicle added for 10k bonds (1k inv slots)
  5. RayManMan


    So I spent an absurd amount of time collecting and growing cannabis, just to see what the return would be profit-wise. Was disappointed, scissors were 200 to buy, processed cannabis was 260 to sell. It's pointless, makes the high value trader a complete waste of time. Unless I'm missing something, you should just remove him altogether and replace him with something that makes players have a reason to go through radiation.
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  7. thanks for the complements on the base I am building by the staff of dawn of the dead ... not done with this base by far all items used in the construction of this base was all stuff I found in your great server again thank you
  8. -TuRoP-


    sounds great
  9. would cut down trees for players or lend a hand ..all base locations would be confidential.. would come in a clear out trees need for base building.. would drees in none combatant clothing would where the safety vest to should neutral player Cost for service.. $150.00./food /drink.. Once I gather tools and trucks hope to hire on a few good works..
  10. -TuRoP-


    I would of invited them in for coffee🤪
  11. -TuRoP-


    he shot at me wit the wrong gun ..he was downed from 700m wit the exhaust vssk
  12. Hello Survivors! So I've gotten a few questions about when the Bar and Grill will be up. I will not be putting the bar and grill back up until expansion is released. It takes a boat load of time to build everything up and I dont want to do that when expansion could be right around the corner. I will keep everyone posted on any updates on the Bar when expansion drops! Thank you all for your support and I hope to see you at the bar in the future! DrumstickBandit
  13. We take the green rainjacket, and put a BDU/Woodland camo onto it, and considering it's upgraded boom extra slots and IF we ever get rain back it would be dope, plus the rainjacket model is one of the few models i actually think came out great
  14. You should be able to speak again in Discord. Keep in mind that another error in judgement will lead to a permanent ban.
  15. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1870357551&searchtext=
  16. My Discord: Doobie#5652 I am sorry that I posted inappropriate words towards staff. I regret it posting it since I had put a lot of time in building a base and getting a bunch of gear and this is the only good server I have been able to find on the DZSALauncher. I hope that I can be forgiven and unban from your discord.
  17. With 163KM2, Livonia is the second official map of DayZ. After 5 years in Chernarus, players will now be able to bring everything they learned in this new challenge. Based on the Arma 3 Contact Expansion's map, Dayz's Livonia brings a world scarred by the consequences of the virus. With its large green areas, heavily forested zones, lakes and rivers scattered across the land, Livonia is the perfect place to scavenge for resources, hunt for food, build your base and scout for unwanted presences. But don't let the beautiful landscapes of this new region fool you, there is a new predator roaming the forests of Livonia, bears. Bears will give you a hard time if you don't know how to deal with them. Do you have what it takes to survive this new threat? Livonia also features a lush of late summer with frequent rainfall and thunderstorms. So make sure to be properly geared and on the look out for shelter at all times. Embrace this new challenge and prepare to get lost in the vast lands of Livonia, either together with your allies or, as a lone wolf. See you in Livonia, Survivor.View the full article
  18. As of now, its very limited on what is available for ai, such as missions back in the arma 2 days. Although, whenever expansion mod comes out, it will include an ai mission system which would be pve/pvp mix and other options such as more fish and other possibilities.
  19. Recently quite a few people have been requesting a wipe, When expansion comes out another wipe will be required. The exact release date of expansion unknown but its set to release sometime in October/Early-November, So we'll let the community decide if its worth doing.
  20. Killjoy and admin/mods: love the server and all the work you do I know it's a pvp server but with the low pop I was thinking of maybe adding more pve options, at least until the pop grows a bit? The elite air drops are awesome and some more things like that would surely keep us folk who play during the day busy (when 2-5 people max are on) I don't have any particular mods in mind and have no idea what sort of work is involved to make such things happen. Just a thought. Either way I'm gonna be playing on the server so keep up the good work yall doing. Cheers
  21. I enjoy the wolf packs but its a pain in the rear when you're trying to PVP, take up a spot overlooking a town, or spawn in and have to run back to the battle fighting off wolves along the way. Plus they can run through buildings, so taking cover is not feasible. You're forced to fight them or log out.
  22. Right? Just walking through the woods in that would probably scare the hell out of people
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